True Beauty Episode 11 is what every fan is looking forward to watching right now. From the day it aired, True Beauty has been a hit. The cast of the drama is more than perfect. The fan base this drama has because of Astro’s Cha Eun Woo is over the top. Furthermore, True Beauty has the highest rating of all the dramas that are currently on air. The viewership of the drama has not only Kdrama enthusiasts but also K-Pop and Webtoon lovers. These three fandoms combined have made this drama into an absolute hit.

Let’s not further ado and get into the details of True Beauty Episode 11 but before that, let’s have the storyline of the series- 

True Beauty Storyline:

This is the story about an 18-year-old girl known as Lim Ju-Kyung who has an inferiority complex related to her skin, basically how she looks. It’s because she gets disgusted by her own family and bullied by her friends. To change this, she starts learning about facial and stuff. Lim starts learning about makeup by watching videos online. In just a matter of time, she masters the art of being beautiful with the help of a makeover. In just a case of time, her friends start referring to her as “Goddess.”

The story takes a grave turn when her super hot classmate enters her life- Lee Su-Ho. The unfortunate events were when she runs into him without her makeup several times. But somehow, Lee Su minds his own business because of his dark past. He has his fears, which he doesn’t want to harbor. His old best friend, Han Seo-Jun, got his friendship ended because Lee su faced an incident a long time ago. Now they both forged doubtful relations, which includes revealing each other’s secrets.

True Beauty Episode K-Drama 15

True beauty is a Slice of Life, Romance, and High School based K-Drama. Besides this, this series has another name – the Advent Of A Goddess. Furthermore, this series is a work of Studio Dragon, tvN,, and Production Plan. On the other hand, this series is coming from Lee Si-Eun. Furthermore, the audio format of this Korean Drama series is Dolby Digital.


  • Moon Ga-young as Im Ju-Kyung: A girl who is bullied for her appearance, which leads her to use makeup as a cover, and later due to domestic reasons, she changes schools and ends up becoming the Goddess of her new school Seabom High. Now, The real doubt would that how long can she hide her entire face.
  • Cha Eun-woo as Lee Suho: An anti-social super hot High Schoolboy with a dark past he didn’t tell about it to anyone. He wants to be known for the person he is and not for the image his father’s money has created of him.
  • Hwang In-Yeop as Han Seo-jun: he was Suho’s best friend until a tragedy set them apart; he is a hotheaded teenage boy who often never thinks before doing something. Han is a super loyal and sweet person on the inside and impulsive in front of everyone else.
  • Park Yoo-Na as Kang Su-jin: She is a brilliant student, both beauty and brains, goes through rigorous domestic violence but never shows what she’s going through in front of others. 

True Beauty Episode 11 Release Date: 

True Beauty’s 10th episode just got out, and fans are as eager as ever to watch the 11th episode. After the hiatus with the previous two episodes, tvN is ready to release episode 11 of True Beauty Kdrama. It means that True Beauty Episode 11 is going to release on January 20, 2021.

true beauty episode 10

Runtime: Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00 PM KST(Korean Standard Time)

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Where to Watch True Beauty Episode 11 :

You can stream True Beauty K-Drama Episode 11 on Rakuten Viki and Dramacool.

Here is the preview for True Beauty Ep 11 –

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This will be for today’s blog on True Beauty Episode 11 Release Date; I hope it was helpful.