In this post, we will be talking about the upcoming True Beauty Episode 12. After the intense drama in this episode, fans are only left with four episodes of Ture Beauty. True Beauty will only have a total of 16 episodes. Fans are genuinely excited about the finale of True Beauty Season 1.

One more reason for the excitement is because the cast is more than excellent. They manage to portray the characters exactly as they were in the webtoon. On top of beautiful acting, the directing under Kim Sang-hyeop is also very beautiful. This coming of age, Romance series is also one of the best rated Kdramas.

Read the post till the end to get to know everything starting from the release date to spoilers for True Beauty Episode 12.

True Beauty Episode 12

Lim Ju-Kyung, an 18-year-old girl who has an inferiority complex about her face and features, is more manly. On top of that, she also gets offended by her own family and ridden by her friends. This makes her very sad and only since childhood.

To change how she is and how she lives, she starts discovering makeup and beauty transformation. Lim starts reading and learning about makeup by following videos online. After some time, she becomes a makeup expert and gives herself a makeover. After some time, her friends start referring to her as “Goddess” as she looks prettier than others. This also gives her a boost to her confidence, and her social status goes way up.

The story takes an ominous turn when Lee Su-ho, a hot classmate, enters her life. The adverse events were when she bumps into him without her makeup numerous times. However, Lee Su doesn’t pay much regard to his dark past. He has his fears, which he doesn’t want to harbor. His old best friend, Han Seo-Jun, got his friendship ended because Lee su faced an incident a long time ago. Now they both forged doubtful relations, which includes revealing each other’s secrets.

true beauty episode 12

True beauty is a Slice of Life, Romance, and High School based K-Drama. Besides this, this series has another name – the Advent Of A Goddess. Furthermore, this series is a work of Studio Dragon, tvN, and Production Plan. On the other hand, this series is coming from Lee Si-Eun. Furthermore, the audio format of this Korean Drama series is Dolby Digital.

True Beauty Episode 12 Release Date: When is True Beauty Ep 12 Coming Out?

As per the releasing schedule, True Beauty Episode 12 will release on 21 January 2021. You can watch the show online on Viki.

True Beauty Ep 12 Leaks and Spoilers

A webtoon inspires the show with the same name. If you can’t contain yourself with the excitement, then we suggest you should read the webtoon. As for the preview of this episode, we will soon be adding links to that. With only 5 episodes remaining for the show, viewers worldwide are looking forward to this one’s climax.

Update: The preview for True Beauty Episode 12 is out, here is the video:

Highlights for Episode 11 and 12

  • The car accident will reunite Suho and Seojun.
  • Suho learns that his father was the one behind Seyeon’s death.
  • Soojin digs up Jugeyong’s past and will trigger her trauma by bringing Jugyeong’s former traitor’s friend.

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