With the release of each episode, the show is turning quite emotional. The preview for the upcoming episode wraps up with Suho leaving and asking Ju Kyung for a breakup. We all knew this is gonna happen. However, viewers are upset when they see it coming. The preview for True Beauty Ep 14 was enough to set the viewers’ expectation bar very high. Fans all around the globe are now looking forward to watching True Beauty Episode 14.

The TvN rom-com drama, True Beauty took an unexpected turn when Jukyung’s face got revealed in her school, and now she’s being bullied by her peers. The previous episode clearly showcases the difference between Suho and Seojun, considering their approach towards the circumstances. While Seojun takes on everyone who’s making her feel upset, Suho tries to support her while she’s hurt. As per our sources, True Beauty will have only 16 episodes in its first season.

When Will True Beauty Episode 14 Release?

True Beauty drops an episode every Wednesday and Thursday. As per the releasing schedule, True Beauty Episode 14 will release on Thursday, 28 January 2021 at 10:30 pm Korean Standard Time on Rakuten Viki.


Things are quite messy as per the preview. The first few seconds showcases Ju-Kyung deciding to live life with her real identity. Su-Jin becomes the new face of the school. Meanwhile, when Su-ho realizes that his friend took a liking to Ju-Kyung. He immediately breaks up with her and gets on a plane to leave the country.