This Month the popular anime My Hero Academia is going come up with the fourth season. Anime Lovers all around the globe admire this franchise. From selling the most number of manga copies to releasing one of the highest-grossing games My hero Academia has broken many records. After the announcement of its game – My Hero Academia: One’s Justice  2. They also launched New Poster of their upcoming Movie – My Hero Academia Heroes  Rising. Between all these announcements they also released My Hero Academia: Ultra Analysis guidebook in Japan. In this post, we are going to discuss Does Uraraka Loves Midoriya? Let’s find out-

Does Uraraka Loves Midoriya?

Like all other guidebooks, the new guidebook was also filled with various information. But in this guidebook have some hints about Urarak’s feelings towards Deku is given. We know that our heroes of Class 1-A are no ordinary high-school kids. But they still face problems that an average high-school kid faces. One such problem is being confused about your own feelings towards others.  Many fans are shipping Midoriya and Uraraka since the first season. And  Uraraka  Feelings for Midoriya has been hinted many times in the show. It seems like a crush. That seems like Uraraka Loves Midoriya. Also, we have seen Deku Blushing around Uraraka in earlier seasons.

But we can not say it for sure as Uraraka’s feelings for Midoriya is more likely to be admiration than romantic love. But a Twitter user recently found out some hints from latest Guidebook and posted a tweet. The tweet also said – “Even though she’s sealed away her feelings for Deku, when her friends ask her about it, she gets flustered.”

There are many hints that show Uraraka Loves Midoriya. Hope we will see them together in the upcoming series. So, that’s all for today. Furthermore,  Make sure to follow our Social media accounts for exclusive news. Make sure to read our latest blog: Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!