The recent chapter of Makoto Yukira’s Vinland Saga manga got out quite a few days ago, fans are now looking forward to reading Vinland Saga Chapter 181. Now when Thorfinn and co have finally entered the southern part of the Vinland, it will be fun to see how the story will take interesting turns.

Below are the details regarding the upcoming chapter of Vinland Saga manga including release date, spoilers, and ways to read it online.

After sailing for over a week, Thorfinn and his team finally find land further south of the Vinland. Upon reaching, Thorfinn wants the natives to know that they are not planning to harm anyone. But, are the natives willing to coordinate with Thorfinn is still a question. Now the story continues in chapter 181 of Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga Chapter 181

Turns out the natives aren’t as friendly as we anticipated. Thorfinn doesn’t wish for battle so he’s offered some food. Will the neighbors agree or not is still a question?

Release Date

The manga follows a monthly schedule of releasing a new chap at the end of every month. So as per the airing schedule, Vinland Saga Chapter 181 will release on 25 March 2021.

Where to Read Vinland Saga manga?

As of now, there is no official source to read the manga. However, we suggest you stay tuned to Kodansha Comics.

Fans are desperately waiting for a continuation of the anime. However, so far, there are no available details on the second season.