Boku no Hero Academia season 4′ release date has been confirmed by the anime streaming company, Funimation. Fans were already hyped about the series getting a new season and now even the release date is finally here. Now, fans are looking forward to the Season 4 of Boku no Hero Academia. According to our sources, the fourth season of My hero academia will have 25 episodes in total. The source is trusted enough. However, there’s no word from the officials on this. So let’s just wait until we get an official announcement.

We have been getting lots of leaks from the upcoming season, including the key visuals, synopsis, theme songs and a lot more. Season 3 of My hero Academia had a very decent ending but the show is not over yet. And, when it comes to waiting for a new season of your favorite anime, every second seems like a year. Crunchyroll recently revealed a trailer for Boku no Hero Academia S4, check it out:

Boku no Hero Academia S4 Trailer:

(Note: the trailer for My Hero Academia season 4 might act as a spoiler for you, If you haven’t seen the anime)

The story for Boku no Hero Academia revolves around a world with no symbol of peace. And, Villains are now fighting each other for control of the underworld. Meanwhile, our young hero, Izuku Midoriya is training with ‘The Big Three” in order to manifest his quirk. The studio recently announced that a second film for the series, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, will air in Japan around December. There’s another good news for the fans who have been waiting for Boku no Hero Academia season 4 in English dubs.

Funimation has announced SimulDubs for the new season releasing on the same day as the new episode’s release in Japan.

A key visual for Night eye is out. Night eye is a pro hero and also a former side-kick of All Might.

Watch Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Updates
Night Eye || Pro hero – Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Key visual

Boku no Hero Academia S4 will cover up the Internship arc, which is the longest arcs from the My Hero Academia manga. And according to the trailer, Shigaraki and co. will continue to grow and overwhelm the heroes with their strength.

The My Hero Academia S4 starts airing from October 12, 2019. You can watch Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 officially on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Click here to read: Best Anime Streaming websites. 

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