Ever wonder if you should actually watch World Trigger? Don’t worry; we got you covered; this article will let you in on all the right reasons to watch World Trigger. World Trigger is a really underrated anime based on a manga of the same name by Daisuke Ashihara. Its manga started being serialized in February 2013 but had to take a hiatus soon due to the author’s health.

Reasons to watch world trigger

This untimely hiatus led to a break for the anime adaptation, which started airing in 2014 but thankfully, its season two is up and running in 2021! Even though World trigger contains many typical Shounen elements, its popularity seems to be the lowest.

This can be linked to its slow pace as well as a vast cast. But please don’t let the negative reviews stop you from checking out this amazing piece of fiction because it has plenty to offer!

Reasons Why You Must Check Out World Trigger

1. Video Game Inspired Setting

In the world where the story is set, people have trion glands that allow them to use the trigger technology. This technology basically belongs to “Neighbours,” or the aliens who threaten Japan.

To protect them, the “Border” organization trains Trigger users. Basically, a trigger helps create an alternate body for fighting, which is stronger than the average body but has a limit based on an individual’s trion ability.

This entire concept of having an alternate reality until the user exhausts their limit is unique and piques one’s interest in learning more about this world setting, its benefits, and limitations.

World Triggers setting is creative and done really well. This alone is one of the biggest reasons to check this show out.

2. Battle’s Relying on Strategies & Tactical Approaches

Unlike how shounen fights typically go, depending on willpower and the power gained from having Nakama’s(friends), the battles in this universe are largely strategy-based.

Emphasis is put on using a particular location to your benefit, taking not just the surroundings but also weather conditions into account. Adapting to the worst-case scenarios, preparing counter attacks.

The rank wars, which are mock battles to test the skills of the trigger users and improve their ranks, are explored in great detail and act as a great way to understand characters.

Why should you watch world trigger?

Even the relatively weak ones can overpower stronger enemies by using every piece of information to their advantage. It’s an experience, to say the least.

You will always be second-guessing who could win or not and thus still be engaged! Tell me a better reason not to start this asap?

3. Vast Cast with no one feeling Excluded

One thing that most anime fail to do is give each character a motive. Frequently, most supporting characters are forgotten because they are either too useless or always in the MC’s shadows.

Shifting from this trend, World Trigger does the job of making almost every character useful. Even the screentime is divided nicely. At times the main cast doesn’t even show up!

Everyone plays a part in moving the plot forward, and all of their motivations combine to protect Medeen(Japan). Though in private, there is a clear political divide.

This, I personally believe, is one of the biggest reasons to check this series out! There is no way you won’t find a few characters to root for when there are so many worthy ones.

4. Realistic Power Scale & Growth

Osamu, the main character, is by far the weakest. Yet unlike the common insane glow-ups shounen MCs get a few months into training does not happen here. There is frustratingly low progress in Osamu’s skillset after the completion of season 2.


Similarly, it is not as if the other weak characters instantly become strong or the already powerful ones become overpowered. There is but gradual development in all directions, and raw power or zero power doesn’t lead to clear victory or defeat.

The powerful don’t always succeed since success depends on working as a team and excellent strategies. Battle animes always end up being out of sync with reality, but World trigger manages to keep the balance.

This realism is probably one of the reasons to get addicted to the show! You will keep coming back to see the gradual progress of the characters.

5. No One Is Clearly Black or White

The realism in World Triggers plot hits whom. The Neighbours or aliens are considered purely evil, but it is soon shown that it is not entirely true. Good neighbors like Yuma exist.

The evil ones also have genuine motives, for example, to find a way to make sure their planet doesn’t get destroyed. Within Border itself, there is a political divide due to different policies.


While the main force is aggressive in its approach to getting rid of all neighbors, Tamakoma insists on a diplomatic approach towards them, going as far as forming alliances where possible. And both have valid justifications for their approaches.

Thus the author does a great job of making sure no one is completely black or white and ultimately works together to protect Japan and its future. This shows the plot’s maturity and gives us another valid reason to read/watch this show since every arc is guaranteed to be reasonable.

6. Overpowered But Not Oversmart Lead Character

There are quite a few really OP characters in loads of shows which end up changing the fate of battles just after showing up. The likes of Gojou from Jujutsu Kaisen can relate. Similarly, we have Yuichi Jin over here, an elite trigger user from Tamakoma.


He is one of the four main leads but works behind the scenes. Clearly the strongest, but he manages to attract the least amount of attention while being the mastermind all the time! Unlike other OP characters, he purposely keeps himself behind but manages to protect everyone plus himself.

His playful personality eases serious situations but also annoys many since he is capable of outwitting everyone literally. However, one thing is clear that his ulterior motive is always to protect his country.

Characters like him literally need to appear and instantly become fan favorites! So, of course, he is a huge reason to watch this show for.

I want to end by saying that if you read or patiently watch World Trigger, it is bound to seat itself in your top-five! So hop on this ride & catch up to the ongoing Season 2. If you liked this article, you might also like Top 10 Classic Anime like Cowboy Bebop.