Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a continuation of the Naruto series which lasted about 700+ episodes. It is a Japanese manga series written by Ukyo kodachi which serialized by. There are a lot of characters from Naruto who makes appearances in Boruto, this gives a marvelous spectacle for the Naruto lovers. Boruto acts as a platform for Naruto viewers to capture nail-biting fight scenes and amazing humorous content.

Like all main protagonists, Boruto Uzumaki has a special power apart from his amazing fighting skills and quick thinking. He has the ‘Jougan’ which is considered to have powers resembling the Otsutsuki clan.

In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about this special visual prowess.

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What is Jougan?

The Jougan which translates to Pure eye is a visual prowess (Dojutsu) that enables its user to use various techniques. The powers of a Jougan are considered to be at par with the Otsutsuki clan. According to our sources, a Byakugan evolves into a Jougan which later evolves into a Tenseigan.


The only character that is shown to have knowledge about the Jougan is ‘ Toneri Otsutsuki ‘. In episode 8 Toneri is seen warning Boruto about the future and how the Jougan will guide him. Momoshiki is also shown warning Boruto about the future he is yet to face in episode 65.

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Jougan’s Known Powers :

View Invisible Interdimensional Barriers

In episode 14 of Boruto, Mitsuki, Sumire, Nue, and Boruto are transported to another dimension where they fight against Nue but later diffuse the situation. Boruto is seen to be able to see an invisible interdimensional portal which helps them leave that dimension and get back to earth. This power was wielded unknowingly as Boruto still hasn’t learned to control it.

Exemplary sight: Ability to see Chakra Source and Flow

In the Nue arc, Boruto is able to see the flow of chakra and its origin point while fighting against Nue. This gives him the upper hand during the fight resulting in him trapping Nue. Although this power is similar to that of the Byakugan, it shows an advanced system indicating chakra points as well. This also proves that it is an evolved version of the Byakugan.

Sage like Sense: Ability to Detect Evil Chakra

During the ghost incident in the Nue arc, Boruto was able to evil chakra arousing from the victim’s bodies. It was due to the visual prowess of the Jougan. Boruto doesn’t control it during the episode. It seemed to happen subconsciously as he encountered evil chakra.

As of now, these are the current known powers of the Jougan. Since the origin of the Jougan isn’t know we can’t assume the remaining powers.

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Boruto Jougan Spoilerguy

What to expect from the Jougan?

We know that Momoshiki is slowly consuming Boruto’s body and he is going to die in the future to come. But Toneri had foreseen this and had warned Boruto about his responsibility. For Boruto to find a solution he would have to get in touch with his Jougan more often and harness its power.

Boruto has proven himself of being smarter and stronger than Naruto when he was a child. So in conclusion, we can expect Boruto to unlock or create new Jutsus using his newly acquired power.

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About Anime

Boruto: Naruto’s next generations take place a few years after Naruto: The Last Movie. The anime opens with a sequel set in the future where Boruto and his rival Kawaki are standing on top of Naruto’s destroyed stone face. Kawaki tells he will send Boruto to the same place he sent his father, also Boruto is seen wearing Sasuke’s headband, over the cloth and his sword.

This scene created a lot of speculation and hype amongst the fans. Both have curse marks on their hands and don’t seem to show what power it holds. This opening is followed by Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki who go on to become ninjas and encounter various adventures together all the while learning new skills.