Black clover is another shounen manga that has been serializing for quite some time now. In the previous chapter, we saw the much-awaited battle between Magna and Dante. However, Dante was beaten up. But that did not stop him from continuing the fight. In Black Clover chapter 294 we will read more about the battle of devils.

Later Magna speaks about both of them being magicless. But still approaches to aggressively punch Dante. In the end, Dante was determined to see an end to all and managed to end the fight with victory on his side. Asta was supposed to reach the scene but before that, he had to deal with something else as well. However, in the end, Nacht and Asta reach to help out Dante but finds him enjoying his victory.

Black Clover Chapter 294

In Black Clover Chapter 294, Dante will show us his evil powers. Everyone is anticipating the upcoming chapter without my further delays. The spoiler will be out soon. To everyone’s shock, Dante possessing the power of Lucifero proved to be one of the strongest devils.

Without the presence of Lucifero, Dante was able to defeat Magna. Dante believes he is stronger than Magna. Also once his Lucifero returns he will be able to regenerate his powers. In the upcoming chapter, we may watch how Asta and the Black bulls get back fighting with the devils.

Black Clover Chapter 294 Release Date

As of the latest update, Black Clover chapter 294 will release on 30th May 2021. Even though the last few chapters had been delayed hopefully manga is back on schedule. In case of any change, it will be reflected here.

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Where to read Black Clover Chapter 293?

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump has been serializing Black Clover since 2015. Black Clover chapter 294 will officially be available in Viz and Mangaplus. However, if you have missed the last chapters you can read the latest three-chapter for free on the official website of Viz.

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