While everyone is trying to bring down the hunter’s association but the elders are still trying to hold it all together. There is an exciting action-packed fight coming up in Solo Leveling chapter 154. It will be between Sung Jin Woo and the monarch of frost. However, the Monarch of frost will be accompanied by another female monarch and not much is known about her. One vs. two is going to be an unfair fight but not for Sung Jin-woo. However, if Thomas Andre decides to lend him a hand, tackling them will be an easy job.

Other than that Thomas has trusted Sung Jin-Woo with one of the deadly weapons which are the Kamish. Kamish is a dagger of its kind. It has an attack power of 1500+. Once Sung Jin was handed over the dagger, Thomas and his assistant could feel that the weapon proved to be one of the fittest gifts for him at the moment.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 154 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 154 will release on 2nd June 2021. There haven’t been many delays in the release of the chapters lately, but this also increases the chance that there might be a longer hiatus coming up. However, counting the positive side let’s hope the upcoming chapter releases on time. But in case there is any issue the change will be reflected here.

Where to Read Chapter 154 of Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is officially available in Korean in Kakaopage. However, the English translations of the webtoon are released soon after the Korean chapter.

That’s all about Solo Leveling chapter 154. If you want more updates, stay tuned into SpoilerGuy.