This show is one of those special shows that the viewer needs to know what they are getting into and what to expect. Interspecies Reviewer (or at least the first four episodes) is a joy to watch for any fan of fan service ecchi shows. There are countless times while watching this show that my jaw has dropped because the show took it to places, I couldn’t have even comprehended, and it’s amazing, simply amazing. It’s one of those shows that makes you say “Man… I love Japan.”

Interspecies Reviewers Plot 

Basically this story revolves around a world where prostitution is legal. It follows the story of 3 buddies as they go around different brothels and review the different girls such as demons, monsters, elves, angels, ghosts as well as legendary creatures I had never heard of before. They get laid with them so that they know how the experience varies from one creature to another. And, they review them and publish their reviews in a bar so that people know whether or not they should get laid with these creatures. But in a very exciting and funny way, as hell. Plus they make loads of money from it! You will see the things you have never seen before. And, fan service moments you have never seen in any anime before (except in Hentai, of course).

Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 7.


If you’ve been a part of this community for a respectable amount of time, it’s no secret that anime has a skeevy underbelly that your average bear isn’t quick to embrace. But for those of us who have, we can recognize the more scientific appeal of the ecchi. I’m always open to watching the latest ecchi anime, not only for research purposes but because it’s interesting to see just how much further this medium can sink into the depths of depravity.


The real…uhh…“meat” of Ishuzoku’s content comes in the form of the reviews themselves. Stunk, Zel, and Crim all have very different reviewing styles cleverly illustrated by the limitations of their species. As innocuous of a detail as it may seem, the simplicity of having a human struggle to efficiently get laid with something a fraction of his size because he’s too well equipped or the dwarf feeling smothered by the ponderous weight of something more than ten times his size shows me that the writer on top of being a huge pervert is also a bit of a pragmatist.

My Anime List Ratings

Surprisingly this ecchi is so good that it is now the #2 on the best anime in the MAL with a rating of 9.20 following FMA: Brotherhood with a rating of 9.22. If you still haven’t caught up to it, catch up to it ASAP.

The popular manga of Ishuzoku reviewers started in July 2016. Soon, on 28 June 2019 – it was announced that the manga will get an anime adaptation. The director – Yuki Ogawa along with the Author – Kazuyuki Fudeyasu worked with studio Passione for making this Anime TV Series adaptation possible. Equal credits go to the character designer – Makoto Uno and Music Composer – Kotone Uchihigashi. With the combined efforts of all of them – the series finally came out with its first season in 2020. The season one will be 12 episodes long.

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