It was the year 2013 and the anime world was hit by a massive wave. It was during this year when Attack on Titan came from nowhere and took the entire world by storm. Everyone was watching the greatness that is AOT. From anime veterans to people who’d never even watched a single anime in their lives, AOT somehow reached everyone’s radar. It was one of the biggest & most notable periods in time, in which anime had finally reached international acclaim & praise.

Even to this day, the only show that has come close to that level of popularity is AOT. People were excited & hyped with a premise that was easy for anyone to get into with animation that was dynamic & fluid.

From the OSTs to the vocal tracks, music has a weight that invokes an emotional response. When the show wants you to get chills, you get chills. when it wants you to feel hope, you feel hope. When it wants you to get despair, you feel despair, and so on & so forth. Give me a better reason not to watch? Anyways, with that extremely long intro out of the way, let’s start at AOT’s beginnings, season one.

Note: No spoilers are involved in this article.

Season-1: The Beginnings

One of the biggest highlights of season one was its opening episodes. Right off the bat, it grips you into its simple yet incredibly intriguing premise. Mankind versus titans, a world in which humans simply cattle living a life of kill or be killed. Immortality is very real and at any moment they may lose their life. They lack resources, land & information but even so they live, until one day the walls are breached and all come to ruin. Death is everywhere & humanity is powerless to do anything. But amongst all the despair that exists, there’s still hope, a hope for ‘Freedom.’

However, that ray of light is extremely dim and so the story unfolds in a manner that conveys the idea that anything can happen on the battlefield. The fights are a spectacle and the action itself is chaotically stunning, filled to the brim with so much life & energy that guarantee your wiggling & excitement like a kid having a seizure.From the season one of Attack on Titan

The mystery is brought to light & put into the presence of our minds and slowly as the events unfold, small seeds are planted throughout to have a major revelation later on. At the time we are clueless as to what any of these plot threats mean or will lead to but they’re there, they exist & they undeniably have a purpose.

…with that setup, Season-2 airs!

During this season, AOT slows the pacing & drastically changes the way it told its narrative. Instead of just providing those hype-inducing moments, it decides to focus more on its characters. You finally take a breather & properly invest yourself in both the characters as well as the overarching story. It builds something but the bigger picture is impossible to visualize. Even though the close is laid out in front of you, it isn’t enough to complete the puzzle. With the foundation laid out, AOT set out to tell the epic that it wanted to tell from the very beginning. At this point, cracks and greatness start to shine.

What lies ahead in season-3

Once again AOT’s approach to telling its narrative shifts, the story changes from a simplistic battle of good versus evil to one shrouded in shades of grey. Isayama Hajime the creator of AOT, introduce a plethora of new ideas & concepts. Elements like conspiracy theories, power struggles, secrets scheming, questions of morality, hidden dictatorships, plotting, propaganda, and systematic oppression are tackled.

One of the biggest reasons why you need to watch AOT is that the story is something no one can or will be able to predict. With that being said, AOT is blessed with a grand story, action, emotions, opinions, and mere humans. AOT started in small beginnings but has grown itself into something much larger & greater. After the passing of multiple years, you will witness the creation of a modern masterpiece before your very eyes. An epic that only you will experience & see come to an end firsthand a legend that could, and most likely will go down in history!