Tower of God in all the anime news recently. The Crunchyroll Original anime “Tower Of God” is being aired right now. Fans love everything about it, the new kind of art, the story and especially baby Rak. The anime has six episodes out till now. But we aren’t here to talk about how good the anime is or why you should watch it, that’s a topic for other days. So let’s get back to the topic, Tower of God Webtoon.

Why you should read Tower of God?

Tower of God Webtoon
Tower of God Anime

Tower of God webtoon has actually been out for a long time now. It’s made by Lee Jong-hui and published back in 2010 under the pen-name SIU. But it was actually in 2014 when the official English Translation was started by Line Webtoon. Soon after with 20 million like currently, it became the 4th most popular webtoon there.

Tower of God Plotblank

It starts us with an intro to two characters Bam and Rachel. Bam is a boy who lived in the basement of a tower, alone without any human contact. Rachel coincidentally meets him and decides to teach him everything that Bam previously didn’t know.

Suddenly Rachel disappears to climb the Mysterious tower to chase her dream of seeing the Real Starry night sky. Bam decides to follow her and also enter the tower with her. Thus we follow Bam and his journey of climbing the tower as more mysteries unfold about the tower and Bam’s Past.

Currently, there are currently 482 chapters out, new chapters coming out monthly.

Tower of God Characters

Each character in the show is totally unique which is one of the things that makes this webtoon really addictive. The contrasting personality of Bam and Rachel causes a dramatic clash. Everyone has their own motivation and the character development is on point.

Tower of God webtoon
Tower of God webtoon

Even the supporting characters have a full-fledged backstory to them, even the characters who are in for the comedic relief. It’s really easy to fall in love with the characters of the show. Even the antagonists are really well done, everyone feels human. In my opinion, only Bam is the true good guy with only good interests in mind. The contrast that this creates with other people climbing the tower is really beautiful.

Tower of God ArtstyleTower of God webtoon

The first thing you will notice when you start reading Tower of God is that How colorful the Webtoon is. How SIU sets the tone of every scene with the use of colors. Extremely beautiful and detailed backgrounds captivate you from the start. Each character is detailed and the action scenes are the best. I like the fact there’s texture and detail for every little part.

Each and every character has a certain tone to them like you can guess the personality of a person by looking at their hairstyle their outfits. SIU also Draws the fight scenes beautifully it feels like the characters are actually moving in fights.

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Trailer for the webtoon

Watch the Official Trailer for Tower of God Webtoon here.


Tower of God webtoon
Tower of God webtoon

I hope all these points helped you gain insight of this manga. I really wish that you give this a try. I promise that you will get hooked right from the first chapter. The webtoon does everything right and ticks all the boxes for a successful webtoon which is shows by the number of fans it has gathered all this time.

Where to Read

You can read the Tower of God from the official Line Webtoon page. Currently, it has 478 chapters in English for you to read right now.

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I hope you had fun reading this.

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