Will Naruto Die in Boruto? Who will Kill Naruto? Does a Tragic death await Naruto in Boruto? Is Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable? What will happen after Naruto Dies in Boruto? Will Naruto Live a Short Life? – We will discuss all the above-mentioned questions with proper facts and speculations that are probably running through your mind now. Don’t worry, weebs for you shall uncover all the predictions right here and right now.

Naruto is an integral part of our lives. Some fans live and breathe because of Naruto. He has impacted our lives so much that Naruto’s Life Lessons are far greater than School Lessons. It teaches you and shows you how to live; besides, you can choose literally any character from the Naruto Series and learn something profound. That’s the beauty of Kishimoto’s characters. Due to a sudden change of events, Kishimoto has hinted on many different occasions the possibility of Naruto’s Death.

We had already discussed this in our previous article of “Will Naruto Die in Boruto Chapter 52”. But luckily, Naruto nearly escaped death due to Kawaki’s heroism. Nevertheless, a new problem has arrived and must be addressed immediately. We shall shortly discuss it in today’s article Will Naruto Die in Boruto? Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable? 

Naruto Death in Boruto

Naruto death in boruto
I can’t wait for this scene to get animated in Boruto.

Previously in Boruto Chapter 54, we saw Naruto immobilized and unconscious. During the fight between Sasuke and Momoshiki, Naruto tries to move but says his body feels lead. This could mean he is out of chakra. But Naruto can never be out of chakra due to Kurama. This is also the reason why genjutsu is useless to him because Kurama can break the genjutsu. We Know that Baryon mode reduced the life span of Naruto during his encounter with Isshiki. To know more about Baryon Mode, check out our article on “Baryon Mode: Naruto’s Final Form Explained!”

Is Naruto’s Death in Boruto Inevitable?

What fans expect is that Kurama is dead in Naruto and has resulted in Naruto’s immobility. The latest chapter ended with Sasuke extremely worried when he saw Naruto lying lifeless on the ground. Sasuke is an emotionless person who never shows unnecessary emotions. So if he himself looked astonished at Naruto’s state, then it is severe. Naruto’s death might seem possible due to this only fact.

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Does Naruto Die in Boruto?

will naruto die in boruto- naruto's death

Will Naruto Die in Naruto? This is one of the most asked questions in Boruto. Ever since Kishimoto took over the Boruto Manga series, nothing can be confirmed. There is no surety for anything to happen. Naruto’s death may or may not happen at this point. Why? Because of Kishimoto. He made us believe Naruto would die in Chapter 52, but he didn’t. Also, every chapter since then has been ending with a major cliffhanger that confuses fans on a whole new level.

Naruto’s death has indeed been foreshadowed on many occasions, but will Kishimoto actually kill off his most priced character? Logically speaking, that would cause chaos in the anime community with many mixed reviews. The first argument would be that Kishimoto didn’t have to kill Naruto to keep the series running. The killing of Sasuke as a sacrifice would also be an excellent idea to give Boruto the necessary character development. But Naruto’s death would not be the best choice, and even a mentally unstable kid would know that.

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Will Naruto Die in Boruto?

Unlike an anime character’s death, we are talking about the Main Character’s death, which is solely responsible for the entire series to run successfully; his very name is the title of the anime series. And fans literally watch Boruto relive the glory days by seeing cameos of veteran Naruto Characters. Naruto himself is the best cameo one can ask for in the series.

With all things said and done, Naruto’s Death may not actually be possible considering its consequences, such as the downfall of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

Conclusion on Naruto Death

We have reached the end of “Will Naruto Die in Boruto? Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable?”. In conclusion, it is almost impossible for Naruto to Die to Boruto. Because Kishimoto would never kill off his only creation, which brought him fame, money, and respect. If he were to be responsible for Naruto’s death, the anime community would not be very forgiving. And take my word for it, the anime can make or break an anime series. MAPPA’s efforts in using CGI for Attack on Titan Season 4 have been shot down brutally by most anime fans. This proves the fact that fans can be very skeptical about issues such as this.

That’s all for today guys. Hope you guys enjoyed the article and have all your questions answered for now. We will update this article after the release of Boruto Chapter 55 with more content about Naruto’s Death or Will Naruto Die in Boruto?. Stay Updated with Spoilerguy to know more.

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