Tokyo Manji Revengers are one of the award-winning manga of Kodansha. The manga has already entered the final arc: The final battle to end it all. There has been a lot of change in the flow of the plot and now Takemichi is back to high school. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 209 will deal with the tsundere personality of the characters.

After passing out of school, Takemichi did not end up with the life he wanted and obviously lost his first girlfriend. But when he gets a choice to fix things from the past. At this point in time, he has tried correcting a lot and it includes saving his high school girlfriend, Hinata. However, there is something more he wants to fix which is Mikey. He welcomed Takemichi into his gang and hanged out with him on equal levels as friends even after being the leader of the influential gang.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 209

The upcoming chapters will answer whether Takemichi is able to save Mikey? Previously Mikey had solved the matter related to the Toman gang. However, to save people matters to him, he had to come up with an adjustment where he had to push himself to misery and distress.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 209 Release Date

There hasn’t been any delay reported in the release date. In that case, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 209 will release on 8th June 2021. However, if there is any further change it will be reflected here.

Where to read Toko Revengers manga?

The manga Tokyo Revengers is officially available in Kodansha. But a subscription is needed to read the manga. However, the English translation is found soon after it releases in Japan.

This is all about Tokyo Manji Revengers Chapter 209. Till the release of the next chapter stay tuned to Spoiler Guy.