Wonder Egg Priority is a hidden gem this season. With a dark story, mesmerizing animation, and a great soundtrack, Wonder Egg Priority might be a masterpiece. Fans are now waiting for Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2 to air now.

This psychological/drama/fantasy will give you the chills and induce a constant sense of thrill. Moreover, Episode 1 was a superhit with Instagram getting flooded with new edits, Twitter overflowing with retweets, and Reddit going crazy with fan theories, and fan arts being made.

Clover’s works have taken a bold decision to produce this original anime series. But when you look at the show’s endless possibilities, it is clear that the famous production company has taken the right decision. Regardless of the risks, it posses down the line, Wonder Egg Priority will leave its mark in the long list of original anime.

Wonder Egg Priority has managed to receive an excellent rating on MAL and has also taunted many fans into waiting eagerly for the next episode. For more information on Wonder Egg Priority Anime Episode 2: Most Underrated anime of this year? Make sure to read the article till the very end.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2 Release Date

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2 - Wonder Egg Priority latest episode

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2 will release on January 20, 2021. The next episode of Wonder Egg Priority has been titled “The Terms of Friendship.” Not much is known of this anime series as it is an original anime series. However, this makes things interesting as there aren’t going to be any annoying manga readers who love to spoil things for Anime-Only weebs. Make sure to stay updated with Spoilerguy for all information regarding Wonder Egg Priority Release Date, Spoilers, and delays.

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What was Wonder Egg Priority Episode 1 all about? – Summary

Wonder egg priority episode 2

The story starts with innocent Ai, who saves a “dead bug” from getting run over by a car by risking herself in the process. Surprisingly, when she buries the bug, the bug tends to talk.  She cherishes the egg and makes sure to protect it.

Ai loves to go out at night, but she finds herself in a school vicinity one day. Troubled by all the weird threats in her mind, she seeks shelter in a restroom. But there, she hears the toilet paper asking her to break the egg. A schoolgirl comes out of the egg, and they leave the restroom.

Just as they exit, a teacher with a smudged face holding an axe appears. Before the schoolgirl can react, the teacher throws the axe at her, which cuts her arm. This is when a few more images appear and chase them. After seeking a hiding spot, it is revealed that Ai has healed herself, unlike the schoolgirl. Ai is actually an immortal in the schoolgirl’s world.

After knowing the truth, Ai stops running. But she later finds her best friend dead. She reminisces about her memories and how her best friend loved and cared for her. Ai later looks at the schoolgirl still running away from those creatures and decides to help her. She doesn’t want to lose her as well. Ultimately, Ai takes it upon herself to defeat the creatures and befriends the schoolgirl. The episode ends with the school girl revealing her name to be Kurumi Saijo.

Where to Watch Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2?

The latest Wonder Egg Priority episodes, including Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2, can be streamed online on Funimation. However, according to recent news, Funimation is the only major English sub-website to license the original anime series. We hope to see other big names take over the anime series to spread across this truly underrated anime series.

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Wonder Egg Priority Ep 2 – Spoilers

As of now, there aren’t any spoilers of Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2. We will update this article if and when we receive news on the spoilers of Wonder Egg Priority ep 2. Make sure to stay updated with us to never miss out on the latest anime/manga updates.

Well, folks, that’s all we have for today on Episode 2. We will definitely and further updates as the anime series progresses in the future. While you wait for the next episode to air, we recommend reading Top 15 Overpowered Main Characters in an Anime; How OP Lead is too Strong in 2021?