World Trigger has come a long way ever since it was released. This unique plot didn’t actually turn heads initially, but as the plot intensified it got an enormous fan base. The manga has completed a total of 208 chapters as of now and is holding strong. Recently there a=has been a surge in the number of new mangas being released. This has made all the other ongoing manga step up their game and so has World Trigger. In today’s article, we shall discuss everything there is to know about World Trigger Chapter 209.

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World Trigger Chapter 209 “The Special Assignment” Delayed?

Nope, fortunately, we will not see any delay in the next chapter of World Trigger. Although there are multiple delays in the weekly jump series, the monthly ones are holding strong. Regardless of the global pandemic, consistent work has been displayed by most of these mangas and that sure is applaudable.

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World Trigger Chapter 209 Release Date Confirmed!

World Trigger Chapter 208 ended with a special cliffhanger after a decent story. The chapter ended with everyone receiving the special assignment and getting surprised by it. What was it? World Trigger Chapter 209 release date is confirmed to be July 1st, 2021. So fans can read their favorite manga without any delay, instead, they are receiving it earlier than possible.

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Where To Read World Trigger 209 At The Earliest Officially?

world trigger chapter 209
world trigger chapter 209

Viz Media and Mangaplus are the two best online platforms to read all the latest chapters of World Trigger including World Trigger Chapter 209. Both the above-mentioned platforms are the official broadcasters for the manga series and help support the creators of all their content. We highly condemn any usage of illegal platforms to read the latest manga chapters as it doesn’t support the creator.

What is World Trigger Manga About?

World Trigger is a Japanese manga series. Wārudo Torigā is its other name. Daisuke Ashihara has written and illustrated the manga series. The manga was firstly serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2013. The manga continued till November 2018. Later it transferred to Jump Square in December 2018. Shueisha has compiled the manga into 22 tankōbon volumes as known of 2020. Further, Viz Media has licensed the manga in the English language. The manga has also inspired a video game launched in 2015.