In this post, we are going to be talking about the latest Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 7 Release Date and More. Although, Yashahime is the long-awaited sequel to the hit series Inuyasha. It shows us the journeys and adventures of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s daughters.

The Production house for Yashahime is Sunrise Studios. Although they have a lot of big shows under their name like Gintama, Code Geass. They all are in their genre a must watch and one of the best out there. Yashahime might gain the same glory, but for now, we will discuss the upcoming Yashahime Episode 7.

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 7 Release DateYashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 7 Release Date

The New Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 7 is going to come out on Saturday, 14 November 2020, at 5:30 PM JST. All the new episodes for the anime will be coming out on Saturdays. Be sure to stay tuned to Spoilerguy for More such updates about release dates and other news.

Watch Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 7

You can watch both the dubbed and the subbed version of the show as the episodes release on Funimation and Crunchyroll. All the episodes will be released on Saturdays.

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 6 Recap

While traveling, Moroha and Setsuna got stranded in a village. There is also a small girl who got hurt because of them. Moroha and others give her some snacks to cheer her up. They also find out that the little girl and all the children in the village are ignored.

When they all reach the village, they find out something weird. All the people in the village love and take care of their cats more than their children. After some more investigation, they find out that the cats are not normal but are some kind of demon. Setsuna uses her Crimson Dragon Wave to kill all the demons at once. With all the demon cats dead and most of them living in the mountain. The episode ends after this.

About Anime

This anime tells us the story of Inuyasha and his brother’s daughters and their time traveling journeys. During a forest fire, twin sisters Towa and Setsuna are separated and somehow, Towa ends un in modern-day Japan. After somehow being able to come to her old timeline after 10 years, she finds out her sister has forgotten about her and is currently a Demon Slayer. They all are later joining by Inuyasha’s Daughter Moroha. And they all go on a journey to uncover the past and the future.

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