Hey, Guy in this Blog we will discuss Yuri On Ice Season 2. As we all know it has been more than 3 years since Season one of Yuri On Ice ended. Thos 12 episode long Sports anime based on Figure Skating has massive fanbase around the globe and fans from the USA to Japan are eagerly waiting for next season.

The Plot of Yuri On Ice

The story revolves around Yuri Katsuki who is a 23-year-old figure skater. Yuri Katsuki decides to give up on figure skating because he lost in the Grand Prix Final and other competitions. After taking this decision Yuri Katsuki returns to his hometown Hasetsu.

One Day while practicing Figure Skating Yuri copies a high-level skating routine performed by his idol: Victor Nikiforov, a Russian figure skating champion. But someone recorded Yuri’s performance and uploaded it on the internet which catches the attention of Victor. To everyone’s surprise, Victor himself traveled to Hasetsu and offered to coach Yuri. But later Victor came to know that both of them have already met at a feast where Yuri got drunk and demanded Victor be his coach.

Yuri on Ice Season 2 Updates

The story takes an unexpected turn when a 15-year-old prodigy skater, travels to Hasetsu named Yuri Plisetsky. Moreover, he wanted Victor to keep his promise of choreographing a routine specifically for him. if he won the Junior World Championships. Which we assume he did.

Victor, in order to decide whom to coach, makes both Yuris compete against each other. To makes things more interesting he gave both different songs with the same melody but with a different meaning. Yuri Plisetsky’s song – “Agape” was about unconditional love while Yuri Katsuki’s song – “Eros” was about sexual love. Yuri Katsuki’s performance wins, and Victor becomes his coach. While other Yuri returns to Russia, But both Yuris pledge to win the Grand Prix championship.

Later, Both Yuris qualifies the Grand Prix series and face each other off in the finals in Barcelona. What happens next? Well, you already know the answer if you have seen season one. And if you haven’t, go watch the series to find out. The series continuation aka Yuri on Ice second Season will be revealing more information soon.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Release Date

Yuri On Ice Season 2 was expected to release in fall 2020. But the exact date is not confirmed yet. Moreover, we have various reasons to believe that the anime will get delayed until mid-2021. The first reason will be the coronavirus outbreak and another reason will be the studio house MAPPA is busy working on another anime  Ifavoritecence.

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Meanwhile, Yuri on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence which was originally scheduled for 2019, has been delayed and not released yet. Here is the trailer for the movie.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Plot

So what will be the plot for season 2? Currently, we are not aware of this but we guess we will see both Yuri together. Or maybe we get to see then facing off each other once again? Anyways, we all the Yuri on Ice is famous for the portrayal of same-sex relationships. And it will be continued in the next season too.

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