Hey Everyone! In this post, we are going to talk about an upcoming manga. The manga is based on an influential tennis player, Naomi Osaka. They have also revealed a peek visual to the character design of Naomi.

Naomi has further shared the news on her official Twitter handle. She says grown up reading manga and watching anime with her sister. Seeing herself inspiring a manga on her journey means a lot. Moreover, Naomi’s sister has helped out with the character design in the manga.

Nakayoshi will release the manga from 12/28. The role of Naomi Osaka will be played by the character Naomi Tenkaichi. Mari Osaka is supervising the upcoming series and is also the sister of Naomi Osaka. Futago Kamikita is the creator of the manga.

Naomi Osaka has now inspired her own manga series and based on her journey. She has made her status from winning the Grand Slams Singles Championship to being included in Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019- 2020. That makes her one of the greatest names in sports. She has also made it to the headlines for winning against Serena Williams.

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