LOVE&ART recently released a small promotional video on their surfing themed project – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!. Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! is a three-part film or in other words, a trilogy. The clip is from the first movie of the trilogy.

Check out the official promotional clip of Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Release Date

The three-part movie series – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! is going to be released from October 2nd, 2020 to October 30th, 2020 in selected Japanese theaters.

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The Release date of Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! the trilogy is as follows:

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! – Part 1 releases on October 2nd, 2020.

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! – Part 2 releases on October 16th, 2020.

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! – Part 3 releases on October 30th, 2020.

The films are produced by Asahi Production and directed by Takaharu Ozaki. Let me remind you of a few masterpieces by Takaharu Ozaki, Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers, Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown, and Goblin Slayer. Judging by his past achievements, this trilogy might be amazingly directed.

About Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Anime Movie

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! is a great anime that focuses on the love for surfing and friendships that make your heart melt. The Anime is based in the city of Ōarai in Ibaraki prefecture. The main protagonist goes by the name of Masaki Hinaoka. He meets Shō Akitsuk and immediately finds love for surfing. Masaki Hinaoka gains more friends while surfing and learns about the essence of friendship. But soon he realizes the reality of going into adulthood.

Ride the WAVE!! is the title of the official soundtrack. The song is performed by Naminori Boys which comprises of all the eight cast members in Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!. Make sure to listen to Ride the WAVE!! on Spotify.

This is a collaboration of Love&Art, the Nippon Surfing Association, the supervision cooperation of Surf Magazine, and the cooperation of Murasaki Sports.

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Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Characters

Masaki Hinaoka ( Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! – Main Protagonist )

Masaki Hinaoka - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Masaki Hinaoka – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

A dried sweet potato lover who grew up quickly and healthily in Oarai in Ibaraki prefecture. After befriending Sho, the transfer student, When he somehow started surfing to join his friend in his hobby, He’s immediately captivated by it.

He has a good sense of balance and improves fast. But in reality, he is a hopeless swimmer. He is compared to a corgi for the way he swims.

Akitsuki Shou

Akitsuki Shou - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Akitsuki Shou – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Good-looking, high achiever, and a universal sports genius. Courteous and also gentle. A prince-like guy who seems to have escaped out of a picture book. Deeply into surfing, his strength is authentic. He aims to represent japan in surfing.

Akitsuki Shou grew up in a somewhat complicated family environment. But cherishes his beautiful mother a lot.

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Tanaka Naru also romanized as Nalu

Nalu Tanaka - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Nalu Tanaka – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Nalu Tanaka is a boy with a Japanese father who studies geophysics and a free-spirited loving Hawaiian mother. He is a family friend of the Hinaokas and has a close friendship with Masaki since childhood.

He loves both surfing and his ukelele. Tanaka always rides the waves before going to school. Ever since Shō came and Masaki started surfing, the three of them started surfing in the mornings.

Iwana Kousuke

Iwana Kousuke - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Iwana Kousuke – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Iwana Kousuke is a serious guy who got really into surfing in Shōnan. He was a former baseball player, but an elbow injury ruined his hopes for the sport. When he discovered surfing and how deep it was, he fell in love with it.

Now he aims to become a top surfer and has never missed a day of practice. Ever since he came to know Yūta, he has trusted him deeply.

Matsukaze Yuuta

Yūta Matsukaze - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Yūta Matsukaze – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Yūta Matsukaze is a boy who finds joy in analyzing things, visualizing them, and then efficiently improving them. His parents run a surfing shop, and he has been surfing since childhood as a matter of course. He believes that if he can bring his rigid analysis to the unpredictable world of surfing, he can revolutionize the sport.

Kido Naoya

Kido Naoya - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Kido Naoya – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Kido Naova is an Otaku hobbyist who lives in the Oita countryside. He worries that he can’t watch late-night animes. He has kept surfing because he literally has nothing to do. But ever since he participated in a tournament in the city, he realized he could watch anime. So he participates actively.

 Rindō Fuke

Rindō Fuke - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Rindō Fuke – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Rindō Fuke is known as Japan’s greatest surfer. His eyes are constantly looking toward a distant horizon that normal men can’t even imagine. Unlike most men, his line of sight is always looking far into the distance

His top-class training and well-seasoned body always astonish the spectators with jaw-dropping surfing skills. Truly the undisputed king of japan who loves in his own aesthetic.

Mori William Souichirou

Mori William Souichirou - Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!
Mori William Souichirou – Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Mori William Souichirou is a young man from one of the wealthiest families in the world. Loves surfers with genuine talent and respects those with potential. He absolutely loves surfing and those who love surfing. He was introduced into the surfing world by Fuke and hopes to realize his dream someday as well.

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