Well, who isn’t looking forward to the Black Clover anime finally moving past the filler arc? As per the recent announcement. The anime will be entering “The Spade Kingdom” arc starting Black Clover Episode 158. The episode will feature the post-time-skip events since the selected Magic Knights have been training diligently with the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom. And guess what? With so much hype going on over the internet, the episode got leaked.

In this post, we will be discussing the events of Episode 158 of Black Clover anime; Including the author’s opinion, leaks, and any other given official information. Before we begin, let us have a fleet glance at the events of Ep 157 –

Black Clover anime drops a new episode every Tuesday until or unless there’s a delay. Following the weekly schedule, Black Clover released Episode 157 on 22nd December with the title, “Five-Leaf Clover.” Honestly, the episode was more of a flashback. The only significant event was Asta mastering the summon of his Demon-Slayer sword and taking down the Spirit Guardian, Gadjah.

After completing this severe training, Asta is now a step closer to becoming the Wizard King. Another important scene from the past episode is leading to Yuno’s past.


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Black Clover Episode 158

After the long hiatus, full of fillers, the franchise finally decided to get the anime back on track. With the preview on air, we now know what will happen in the next few anime episodes. Moreover, Episode 158 somehow got leaked on a Korean website, and we managed to get some early screenshots. To get the sneak peek, make sure you follow us on Instagram – @SpoilerGuydotcom.

Release Date

The anime drops a new episode every Tuesday; however, the upcoming episode has been delayed by a week due to an unprecedented hiatus. Black Clover Episode 158 will release on 5 January 2021.

Synopsis: The Spade Kingdom soldiers have finally started their invasion on the Clover and the Heart Kingdoms stealing magic using the fortress of Candelo. Asta, who has been undergoing special training under the Spirit Guardians, appears at the fort of Candelo. On the other hand, Luck and Leopold are off to see Lolopechka, Princess of the Heart Kingdom.

You can keep up with all the updates on the upcoming episode through Reddit as well.

Black Clover Episode 158 – Leaks/Spoilers Thread from r/BlackClover

Black Clover Ep 158 – Prediction of Events

Viewers are as eager as ever to watch Black Clover Ep 158 since the highly-awaited “Spade Kingdom” arc is now live. Here is what we know so far about the events in the upcoming episode of Black Clover anime.

1. 6 Month Training

Black Clover Episode 158 will cover up the events after the time skip of 6 months in which our heroes have been training with Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom. It will also exhibit how Asta and other Clover Kingdom mages have surpassed the mage hierarchy’s level and crossed past the Arcane stage.

Lolopechka reveals that Asta has finally reached the Arcane stage of Mage in the pecking order. Besides this, Gadjah reveals that the Heart Kingdom mages are powerful, and they’ve helped the Clover Kingdom mages evolve further. Recently, Twitter user @Guy_spoiler reveals the new look of Asta from E158 –

2, Moving Fortress- Candelo

Candelo is a massive moving fortress invented by the Spade Kingdom, split into three sections; the first section includes the well-structured buildings. The second part consists of the window structure, which helps it draw out power and move the castle. The last, which is the third part of the fort, is giant legs, which allow the regiment to move across the various landforms.

Things get intriguing when Undine sees the Candelo moving towards the Heart Kingdom. So, without thinking twice, Undine reports about Candelo to Lolopechka. Lolopechka reveals the working Mechanism of Candelo, which is quite disgusting. Candelo moves on the Mana of humans, which forcibly extracts Mana from the occupants. Lolopechka decided Asta to helps all the Occupants.

Black Clover Episode 158 Release Date and Spoilers - Spoiler Guy

3. Asta’s Showdown

We will see Asta’s showdown at the beginning of Black Clover Episode 158. Asta takes on all the soldiers of the Spade Kingdom who were on Candelo. Asta helps all the hostages of Candelo. Furthermore, Asta fights the Captain, who is controlling the Candelo. Guess what? he defeats the Captain, and not only this, Asta uses his sword and splits the Candelo into two halves and destroy it to the bits.

4. Other Heroes

Episode 158 will reveal the other heroes who also develop in the Heart Kingdom training. The episode also covers up – Noelle, Nozel Silva, Mimosa, Finral, Luck, and Leopold. Besides, Luck and Leopold together manage to conquer all the soldiers and liberate the village in the Spade Kingdom. On the other hand, Mimosa heals all the hostages.

5. Introduction Of The Dark Triad

One of the Hostages reveals about the Dark Triad. She admits that “The Dark Triad” is ruling the Spade Kingdom. “The Dark Triad” includes the three most substantial devil magic users- Zenon Zogratis, Vanica Zogratis, and Dante Zogratis. Furthermore, the hostage reveals that they ready with their strength, and now they will attack the Heart Kingdom at any time. Lolopechka received the information and decided to go for a strategy to take control of the village- Tolon, situated at the edge of Spade Kingdom, to take some precautions from “The Dark Triad.”

The anime will soon introduce a new Opening and Ending song. Riooo, one of the animators of Black Clover anime recently posted a tweet regarding the same. He is one of the young animators that appeared recently, a lot of people are looking forward to his progress in his upcoming projects. Here is the tweet –

Black Clover Episode 158 Preview & Streaming Details –

Here is the preview for the upcoming episode of Black Clover anime-

The preview says, “Our training’s finished, and it’s finally time to fight the Spade Kingdom. I’m going to protect everyone in the Heart and the Clover Kingdom”.

Wondering Where to watch Black Clover Episode 158? Here are the links –

As per the preview, the episode is titled “The Beginning of Hope and Despair.” As for the streaming details, You can watch the anime’s Episode 158 in English subbed and dubbed version officially on Crunchyroll. You can also watch Black Clover anime on NetflixAnimeLabAdultSwim too.

If you are a manga reader and you’re waiting for the upcoming manga chapter to drop, make sure you read our recent Chapter 277 of Black Clover manga.

Black Clover Upcoming Episode titles –

As per our sources, the titles for the upcoming episodes of Black Clover anime are out –

Episode 159 – “Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows”.

Episode 160 – “The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom”.

Episode 161 – “Zeno’s Power”.

With no delays in the releasing schedule, the episodes will be out every Tuesday.

About Anime

In the realm of mages, where everyone is born with magic, our lead, Asta, is born with none. Plus, now he wants to be the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. The pathway won’t be simple since he is endowed with a strong rival, Yuno, who shares the same goals. Asta later joins Black Bulls and leads on, becoming the strongest mage of the Clover Kingdom.